Souvenirs - Updated 6/28/17

Souvenirs for the reunion can be purchased in advance online at the following web sites during the following time frames:

Every Wear by Natskins, Inc. at – now through 9/13/17

From the Home Page of this website, choose “CLASSES” and then “1987”

NOTE: Your reunion registration will include a Tervis 16 oz. mug w/lid, and an embroidered sandwich hat. These two items will be shipped to West Point and provided to you at the reunion as part of your registration package (final reunion registration fee, as well as a final list of items included as part of the registration package, will be determined in the near future). Therefore, only choose these items on the web site if you intend to order additional quantities

Anything (except the two registration items noted above) ordered on the website on or before 9/13/17 will be delivered to your specified home address before our 30-Year Reunion.

Anything ordered on the website after 9/13/17 runs the risk of not being delivered in time for the 30-Year Reunion.

Some items on the web site were also offered during recent (20 and 25 year) reunions. Only limited quantities and sizes are available for these items. Items marked as “new” are being offered for the first time and are available in all sizes.

R. Riveter American Handmade Products at – now through 8/31/17

Some of the handmade products on this web site feature USMA Wool.

Enter Promo Code WPCLASS87 in the “Discounts/Promotions” field when checking out, so R. Riveter knows the order is associated with the Class of 1987 30-Year Reunion. Promo Code can be used once per customer.

Note that items ordered from this web site provides flexible, mobile income to military spouses nationwide, so this is money well spent!

Also note that R. Riveter will be giving 15% of all WPCLASS87 sales back to us as a donation to the USMA Class of 87 Fund.

Also note that R. Riveter will be on ABC’s Shark Tank this Friday night 6/30 at 8 pm EDT.

Class Blazers

Besides the regular souvenirs, Kiko Morillo has set us up with an option to buy class blazers and you can find more information about that with this post.

Cadet/Grad Items

And, if you are feeling nostalgic for cadet stuff, DCA has an order form where you can get things like Green Girls, Cadet Blankets, Sabers, Cuff Links etc. Thanks to Jim Garrett for pointing this out.

We should also have access to the Cadet Store and Cadet Bookstore while we are there.