Frequently Asked Questions - Updated 9/21/17

Some of these topic are refreshed from time to time as new information comes in. Please make sure to read over things even if you've read them before. There may be changes.

When is the reunion?

September 28th - October 1st 2017

When will registration be open?

Registration was open. It's now closed.

Why is there a mandatory general registration ticket?

Putting on a reunion is more than planning stand alone events and letting them happen. There are other costs involved that have to be covered. There are programs to produce for "free" events like the memorial service. Name tags to produce and attach to lanyards. Reunion packages to create. None of them are tied to the paid events. There is no fair way to roll these costs into price of the events when we do a la carte pricing like we do and the class has never been interested in a flat fee registration that covers the cost of all events. We simply like to pick and choose what we attend. So we cover the general costs with a general ticket.

Who do I complain to about...? 

Start by looking in the mirror. Planning the reunion takes work and everybody doing it is a volunteer taking time out from their lives that are probably as busy as yours. They are doing the best job they can. If you think you can do better please step up to help out with the next reunion.

What are the hotels available?

See our hotel information page.

Is there a football game?

Yes, Army will be playing UTEP. Kick-off is currently scheduled for 1530 Saturday, September 30th.

How much are the football tickets?

Tickets will cost $45 dollars.

How do I get football tickets?

Tickets will be ordered at www.goarmywestpoint.comSee the instructions from the Army Athletic Ticket Office.

Are there other sporting events that weekend?

The Army Sports Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony is this weekend. We do not know of other events yet.

How do I get souvenirs?

We have a number of souvenir options. You can find information about them on the souvenir page.

Can my kids attend...?

Most of the events are open to the family to include kids but use your judgement based on the event and your kids. High energy young ones and the memorial service may not be a good mix. The cocktail party Thursday night will be adults hanging around drinking and probably will not be a good place for even teenage kids. (Adult children are a different matter.) The Friday evening banquet is open to family but again, it will mostly be adults eating and drinking and telling war stories. You may want to consider if you kids will be more bored there than at the hotel room or doing something else in the area. (I haven't figured that out for my 17 year old yet. I have jokingly suggested she be an Ikette for the night.)

If this changes, we'll post definite restrictions.

Is there someplace we can talk about the reunion?

There are the mailing lists of course. The main list is mostly business but some discussion is okay especially as we get closer to the reunion. There is also the usma1987-forum list where discussions are just fine anytime. We also have a Facebook group and a Facebook event set up where you can discuss things. We also have a web forum/bulletin board called Reunion Chit Chat established so those of us not on social media can interact with us and plan side things like ride sharing, room sharing, etc.

For more details on those forums see our communications page.

Where can I and can't I go during the reunion?

USMA puts out reunion support guidance in a PDF document. It addresses where we can go in two places.

The first one says:

The only areas open to Graduates and their guests within the Cadet Area are:

  • Arvin Cadet Physical Development Center
  • Cadet Store and Bookstore
  • Cullum Hall
  • Grant Hall
  • Jefferson Hall
  • First Division Barracks (Contains the Cadet Period Rooms)
  • West Point Club

The Cadet Barracks, Cadet Mess, Academic Buildings, and Flirtation Walk are not open for tours.

And from TAB E in the pdf:

Below is a list of areas and services at West Point that are accessible to Alumni and their guests.

  • AAFES Post Exchange and Commissary - Department of Defense (DOD) ID card required
  • West Point Association of Graduates, Herbert Alumni Center and Gift Shop
  • Arvin Cadet Physical Development Center - Open for tours to all Graduates. Only DoD ID card holders are authorized to use the facility.
  • Cadet Store - Graduates are authorized to purchase items from the Cadet store, except for selected Cadet Uniform items
  • Grant Hall, Cullum Hall, and Eisenhower Hall
  • Jefferson Hall, USMA Library
  • Kenna Hall of Army Sports, located in the Kimsey Athletic Center
  • Medical Support - Keller Army Hospital will respond only to emergency needs. Routine medical care will be through the graduate’s normal health care provider.
  • Religious Facilities and Services
  • USMA Bookstore
  • West Point Club (formerly known as The Officer’s Club)
  • West Point Golf Course
  • West Point Museum and Visitors Center

The Cadet Barracks, Cadet Mess, Academic Buildings, and Flirtation Walk are not open for tours.

Where can I park at West Point?

Given the extremely limited parking at West Point in general and particularly on football game days, we recommend you arrive early and with lots of patience.

Most of the parking spaces on the level of the Plain and near Eisenhower Hall require a parking pass issued only to USMA Staff and Faculty. Public spaces are on a first come first serve basis. MPs are known to ticket violators quickly.

Parking is unrestricted in Buffalo Soldier Lot, Subway Lot (old PX by the cemetery), South Dock and the River Courts.

After 4pm on weekdays, Thayer Roof, Clinton Lot (next to tennis courts/baseball field) and Thayer Road are open.

Recommendations for parking by day and event are:

  • Thursday: Park at the Golf Course (for those playing or riding) and Buffalo Soldier Field for the evening reception.
  • Friday day time events (Memorial Service, Lunch, State of the Academy and Class Meeting): Park at Buffalo Soldiers Field and walk to events or take the post bus. A second option is to park at the old PX ( when we were cadets this was near the cemetery.) This location now includes a Subway, Starbucks and MWR Gym. However, there is no post shuttle bus from this location. The third option is the River Courts, if you missed your morning workout, you can run up the stairs.
  • Friday dinner: Park on Thayer Roof or at Daley Field
  • Saturday Game Day and Tailgates: For all those without Game Day Parking Passes, you must pay for general parking ($20.00 per car, cash only) through Washington Gate. Access through Thayer Gate is available, but is congested. Again, a $20.00 cash only fee is required on game day.

This is a link about Game Day parking.

There are post buses from each public lot on game day, but they are slow and crowded. The buses run to the level of the Plain and parade field, and then to Michie Stadium. Walking may be a quicker option.

Is there transportation on post?

A shuttle bus operates from Buffalo Soldier Parking to Clinton Field Parking.

Shuttle service is free to everyone on or visiting West Point. This includes but is not limited to Soldiers, Cadets, employees, contractors and visitors. While this service is available to all, priority will be given to official business passengers. The shuttle is available between the hours of 0700 and 1800 Monday through Friday except federal holidays. The shuttle arrives and departs from its seven different locations approximately every 15 minutes and the last shuttle departs from the Library Corner at 1800 hours. Route map attached.

More information is available at

How do I get on post?

You can now get an alumni ID badge that will allow you to go straight to the Thayer gate without having to stop at the security office.

WPAOG has collaborated with West Point Garrison to offer a new, convenient way for Grads and their guests without DoD identification cards to navigate the increased security regulations now in place. To access post and selected Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) facilities, you will be able to apply for a Grad-specific, West Point-issued identification pass. Request a “Grad Pass” in advance of your visit by completing an application and transmitting it via the encrypted tool on WPAOG's website. Doing so will enable the post security team to conduct a mandatory background check and have your pass available for pick-up upon your arrival.

To sign up, please follow this link

It takes about 2 minutes to complete the form.

What is the proper dress for the different events?

"Sir! The uniform is..."

Those days are long behind us. There pretty much is no official dress for the various events.

Golf is "as for golf." If you are playing you probably know what golfers wear these days.

The Thursday cocktail party at the Thayer Hotel is not set to be a formal event. We'll probably have everything from business casual to coats and ties.

The Friday daytime events will probably see a lot of business casual. The suggested dress for this event is business or formal.  Please wear what makes you feel comfortable and looking marvelous.  Some will be in tuxedos and gowns, others are likely to wear suits, cocktail dresses, and still others will be more casual.

Friday Dinner is listed as "After 5"

The tailgate and football game on Saturday are "as for football!"

USMA's guidance for the alumni review is:

a. Suggested attire for Graduates:

1) Military – ASU A IAW AR 670-1.

2) All Others – Business casual.  Dress pants, collared shirt, and jacket for men; equivalent dress for women. No jeans of any kind or color are allowed.

3) On football weekends, graduates typically change into “spirit” attire after the review.  Classes eating in the Cadet Mess, can use the locker rooms for the mess hall wait staff located in the basement under the Poop Deck.

What if I or one of my party is handicapped?

Most of the facilities on West Point are handicap accessible and there is handicap parking at all locations.

a. Home Football Games - There is a handicap shuttle bus service on game day.

b. Wheelchairs - Graduates and their guests are responsible to provide their own wheelchair.

DAA has two wheelchairs available for emergency situations.

What about...????

Stay tuned as more information develops.