Registered to Attend - as of 9/18/17 8:00 AM CDT

Event Numbers

Event Numbers
General Registration 401
Thursday Golf Tournament at the West Point Golf Club 31
Thursday Cocktail Party at the Hotel Thayer 312
Friday Lunch in the Haig Room 6th Floor Library - Loughran's catering 313
Friday Class Dinner 637
Saturday Tailgate Breakfast at Trophy Point Band Shell 329
Saturday Tailgate Lunch at Trophy Point Band Shell 650
Saturday Lunch in the Mess Hall 283


Classmate couples, please make sure there is a separate line for each of you to ensure both of you get a classmate name tag.

Aaron Fore H2
Aimee (Lenz) Kominiak F3 and Larry Kominiak USMA 1987 F2
Al Bilyeu B4 and Courtney Bilyeu
Al Visconti C3 and Deborah Visconti, Andrew Visconti
Alan Craft F4 and Laura Craft
Alan Seise E3 and Cecelia Seise
Alan Sheinwald D1 and Kimberly Sheinwald
Alfred Grein D3 and Lori Grein
Amelia (Hoogerwerf) Underwood H2 and Rebecca Underwood, Jeremiah Underwood
Andee Hidalgo-Ott G4 and Rose Hidalgo-Ott ('88) G4
Andrew Wild H4 and Kristin Wild
Andy Martin F2 and Barb Martin
Ann (Hurley) McBee B4 and Charles Hurley
Anthony Cariello C4 and Lisa Cariello, Robert Cariello
Barry Gaertner C1 and Sharon Gaertner
Benny White D3 and Kim White
Bernie Banks C4 and Candice Banks, Hayes Banks, Brooke Banks, Jordan Banks
Bernie Williford C3 and Raine Williford, Carah Williford, Braxton Williford
Betsy Barron F1
Bill Bardon G2
Bill Doyle D1 and Debbie Doyle, Andrew Doyle, Kate Doyle
Bill Fuller C1 and Jill Fuller
Bill Hamor F1 and Lisa Hamor
Bill Leady B1 and Melissa Leady
Bill McConomy G3 and Michelle McConomy
Bill Metheny B4 and Lori Metheny
Bill Prior F1 and Marilyn Prior
Bill Scholl A1 and Beverly Scholl
Bill Tomasi H3 and Annette Tomasi
Bill Woods H1 and Eleni Woods, John Woods
Brad Berger H3 and Beth Berger, Braxton Berger, Bennett Berger
Brad Clay E4 and Christine Clay
Brandy (Langston) Maranian B3 and Raffi Maranian 86
Brenda (Childs) Jordan A4 and Gary Jordan G1
Brenda (Essenmacher) Nelson F2 and Randall Nelson
Brent Layman A4 and Mary Layman
Brett Guthrie H1 and "Huck"
Brett Wiggs A1 and Alesia Wiggs
Brian Farlow B2 and Francesca A. Farlow, Lillia P. Farlow
Brian Ranne H1 and Laurie Ranne
Bryan DeCoster C4 and Cathy DeCoster
Bryan Mix G2
Bryan Truesdell F1 and Darlene Truesdell
Carl Fossa D4 and Susan Fossa
Carl Ohlson C3 and Maria Ohlson
Carlos Cortez C3 and Marie Whitlock
Carmine Cicalese G1 and Angela Cicalese
Cathy (Kubista) Conner C4 and Kevin Curry
Cathy (Cutright) Whalen D4 and Tim Whalen I1 87
Charles (Chuck) Kibler A4 and Lisa Kibler, Chris Kibler
Charlie Rogers C4 and Anne Rogers
Chip Holton I2 and Susie Holton, Tyler Holton, Amber Bryant, Chevy Bryant
Chris Davis I3 and Chris Davis, Michelle Jerney-Davis
Chris O'Keefe H1 and Ronda O'Keefe, Kirsten O'Keefe
Chris Rigoni I2 and Carla Ordonez, Tessa Rigoni, Gabe Junquera, Daniel Junquera, Vanessa Junquera, Ana Ordonez
Chris Valentine D4 and Leslie Valentine, Christopher Valentine, Matthew Valentine, Marielle Maldari, Emma Reilly
Christine Voisinet Bender A3 and Michael Bender, John Burke, Ann Marie Burke
Christopher Kolenda G4 and Nicole Kauss
Christopher Miller F4 and Erin Miller
Christopher Petty D3 and Beth Petty
Clare (Hramiec) Walker F1 and Matt Walker
Clarence Jones F2 and Gayle Rustenburg, Aubrey Jones
Cliff Harris I4 and Amy Harris
Co Nguyen A1 and Hong-Phuc Nguyen
Constance (Boothe) Bennett D2
Corey Robinson E2
Cori (Lowe) Bergeron A1 and Ken Bergeron '87 A-1
Courtney Billington A2 and Lisa Billington
Craig Howe F2 and Holly Howe, Harolyn Hodges
Craig Winton I1 and Susan Winton, Zachary Winton
Dale Malzi E1 and Glenda Malzi
Dale Willis B3 and Dawn Willis, Bryce Willis, Tyler Willis
Dan DeLeo D2 and Michelle DeLeo, Danielle DeLeo, David DeLeo, Tony Marlowe
Dan Evans E2 and Lisa Evans, Maria Evans
Dan Karbler C3 and Leah Karbler
Dan Oh E4 and Lori Oh, Mitchell Oh, Allison Oh
Daniel Williams B1
Danny Rodriguez C1 and Dan Rodriguez, Olga Jaramillo
Darik Dvorshak E1 and Suzi Dvorshak
David Atkinson F3 and Trish Atkinson
David Cauble B1 and Kris Cauble
David Cole F4
David Della-Giustina B2 and Karen Della-Giustina, Dana Della-Giustina
David Hemmert B1
David McCormick D2 and Dina Powell
David Mikolaities B3
David Ray D4 and Stephanie Ray
David Skowron B4
Deb (Hower) Jones D2
Dennis Farmer C1 and Carolyn Farmer
Dennis Farrow F3 and Stina Farrow
Dennis Schrecengast F2 and Debby Schrecengast, CJ Schrecengast
Dennis Young D2 and Elaine Young
Denton Knapp C3 and Heather Knapp
Derek Abbott G2 and Becky Abbott
Don Barlow H4 and Darci Barlow, Brynn Barlow, Daven Barlow
Don Crawford D2
Donna (Matturro) McAleer A3 and Brad Pitt
Donna (Everson) Rutten F1
Doug Andrews G2 and Laurie Andrews, Molly Andrews
Doug Carr F4 and Karen Carr
Doug Tumminello C4 and Bowden Tumminello
Douglas Hildebrand C3 and Coco Hildebrand, Jacob Hildebrand, Cory Petretti
Douglas Moody C4 and Margaret Moody
Drew Meyerowich H3 and Susan Meyerowich
Ed Orzetti H2 and Charlene Orzetti
Eddie Rodriguez I4 and Lydia Rodriguez, Javier Rodriguez, Thomas Rodriguez, John-Carlos Rodriguez
Edward Daly A4 and Cathy Daly
Eric Campbell D1 and Teri Campbell
Eric Madoff E2 and Paula Madoff
Eric Turner E3 and Alfie Lena Turner, Erin Turner, Bill Piart
Erik Gunhus E3 and Amy Evancho
Erin Doe D1 and Paulene Doe
Evan Huelfer A1 and Holli Huelfer
Fernande (Smorra) Bencze F3 and Mike Bencze, Bradley Bencze
Fletcher Munter G4
Fred Kaehler H1 and Laura Kaehler
Fred Wellman I3 and Crystal Wellman
Frederick Moser G1
Gary Bedard I1
Gary Foskuhl B2 and Tracy Foskuhl
Gary Jordan G1
Gary McFarlane C4 and Cindy McFarlane
Gene Kaiser I2 and Emily Kaiser, Zack Munroe, Katelyn Munroe
George Kyle E3
George Solomon B1
Gilbert Brady C3 and Katie Brady
Glenn Levanti G2 and Emily Levanti
Greg Krystyniak H3
Greg Larson H3
Greg Olson B1 and Cheryl Olson
Greg (Paul) Pacheco F1 and Trish Pacheco
Gregg Skibicki F4 and Lisa Skibicki
Gregory Whann G1 and Karen Boskemper
Hae-Sue Park C4
Harold DeGraff G2 and Jill DeGraff, Mark DeGraff
Herbie Hoffman I2 and Jennifer Hoffman
Holly (Hagan) Olson H2
Ila (Williams) Tatum A4 and Vernon 'Monty' Tatum G2 1987, Sawyer Tatum, Jayden Mojica-Tatum
Irene (Zatloukal) Rosen A2
Irving Smith B4 and Mavis Smith
Jack Poole F2
Jacqueline Fabrizzio A2 and Antonio Coppola (nephew '87), Percy David (other nephew '87)
James Andrus C2 and Deidre Andrus
James Hillman D3 and Diane Hillman, Nicole Hillman
James Tillotson D1 and Susan Tillotson
James "Gags" Gagliano G1 and Dr. Ross Gagliano c/o '60, Tiffany Gagliano
Jamie Pearce A2
Janette (Clor) Skowron G1 and David Skowron
Jay Welu F1 and Jeana LoBianco-Welu
Jeff Adkins E3 and Jill Adkins
Jeff Bradford D1 and Anne Bradford
Jeff Buczak I4 and Carmen Buczak
Jeff Hassman C4
Jeff Huisingh F4 and Laurie Huisingh
Jeff Kuhl C4 and Martina Kuhl
Jeff Peterson F1 and Lili Van Zanten (Peterson)
Jeff Sauer G1 and Sarah Sauer
Jeffrey Allar A4 and Laura Allar, Mary-Lynn Allar, Sabrina Allar
Jeffrey Elliott C3 and Stacy Elliott
Jeffrey Kim E3 and Joyce Kim
Jeffrey Voigt A2
Jennifer (Rice) Wineinger F1 and Kent Wineinger
Jenny (Granlund) Conwell I2 and James Conwell
Jerry Tiller E3 and Sheri Tiller
Jim Byall A2 and Lisa Byall
Jim Fritschi A3 and Ramona Fritschi
Jim Garrett I1 and Robin Garrett, Jeanine Allin, Doug Allin
Jim Korpela D3 and LTC Chris Korpela '96
Jim Lowery B2 and Lisa Lowery
Jim Petro A3 and Mona Petro, Mike Petro, Alicia Conradi, Rob Conradi, Riley Conradi
Jim Robinette I4 and Carol Anne Robinette
Jim Santucci H2
Jim Yacone C2 and Sally Bevis
Joe Felber E2 and Kendell Felber
Joe Felter D4 and Lynn Felter
Joe Gillis B3 and Carrie Gillis
Joe Manausa G2 and Michelle Manausa, Max Manausa, Joey Manausa
Joe Michaud D2 and Kelly Michaud, Ryan Michaud
Joe Samek G3 and Laura Samek
John Andre G1 and Sue Andre
John Burger E4 and Jan Burger
John Calhoun F1 and Jennifer Flint
John Ciarlo C1 and Lori Orr
John Combs F3 and Polyxeni (Tsigounis) Combs E2
John Cullivan F3 and Rachel Cullivan, Jack Cullivan, Naomi Cullivan
John Dorris F2 and Sharon Dorris
John Ferrari D3
John Galassie H3 and Trish Galassie
John Gifford F2 and Kim Gifford
John Higgins B3 and Jennifer Higgins
John Hurst I3
John Listermann B4 and Christina Richter Listermann
John Mitchell B3 and Michelle Mitchell
John Moellering E1 and Amy Moellering
John Sanchez B2
John Sogan C2
John Tien B4 and Tracy Tien
John Tumino C1 and Celeste Tumino
John Whalen D1 and Michelle Whalen
Jon Rue I1 and Hilary Rue
Jon Schupp I4 and Kristen Schupp
Joseph Croskey G1 and Kathy Croskey
Joseph Pollhein I3 and Terri Pollhein
Joseph Simonelli I3 and Bettye Marie Simonelli
Julia (Hamacher) Wagner I2
K Mark Landes A2
Karen Haddock B2
Karl Harrison C2 and Allyson Harrison
Katrina Hall E4
Keith LaFrance I2 and Alice LaFrance
Ken Bergeron A1
Ken Johnson C2
Ken Romaine A2 and Jen Romaine, Trevor Romaine
Ken Staresinic C2
Kerry Barshinger D4
Kevin Arata G4 and Mary Anne Arata, Patrick Arata
Kevin Dunlop H3 and Laurie Dunlop, Annie Dunlop
Kevin Houston H3
Kevin Knuuti C3
Kevin LaBorne E1 and Kyle LaBorne, Jeanine LaBorne, Diane Briggs
Kiko Morillo C2 and Mitzi N. Morillo
Kim (Randall) McDermott A2 and Vince McDermott
Kimberly (Cochrane) Field C3
Kris Peterson G1 and Rosemary Peterson
Kurt Greene C2
Kyle Knauf I4 and Anne Marie Knauf
Lare Allen H4 and Wendy Carey
Larry Bradley A4 and Shannon Bradley, Kaelan Bradley, Bradley Bradley
Larry Jacobson C1 and Kathy Jacobson
Larry Kominiak F2
Larry Peters A4 and Lynne Jenson
Lee McFadden F4 and Janice McFadden
Lee Skidmore D1 and Matthew Skidmore, Max Skidmore, Will Skidmore, Weston Skidmore, Wynn Skidmore
Len Kortekaas D2 and Kara Peterson
Lisa (Bembry) Steptoe H1 and Ronald Steptoe E4
Ljuban Bartulovic C3 and Peggy Bartulovic
Loretta (Olsen) Dahnke D4
Lori (Eitreim) Harrington A2
Lou DeAngelo G2 and Susan DeAngelo
Malcolm Cole E3
Marc Chareth H4 and Julie Chareth,Sheila Bridges
Maria (Smith) Bristol I2 and Mark Bristol
Marion Garcia I2
Mark Blodgett B3
Mark Carlson I3 and Joe Carlson
Mark Ebersbach F2 and Denise Ebersbach, Max Ebersbach, Jack Ebersbach, Nicole Smith
Mark Mitchell A4 and Susan Mitchell
Mark Pincoski B1 and Gloria Pincoski
Mark Romeo E2 and Kathy Romeo, Bonnie Romeo
Mark Toy H2 and May Toy
Mark Vilardi A4 and Melanie Vilardi, Emily Vilardi, Adrian Vilardi, Michael Vilardi
Mark "Migs" Migaleddi G4 and Barb Migaleddi
Mark L Nelson F1 and Yuki Nelson
Marty Holland I2 and Anne Holland
Mary (Clark) Cyhaniuk E2
Matt Gilligan G3 and Linda Gilligan, Matt Gilligan
Matt Gulbranson H2 and Maribel Alvarado
Matt Hogan I2 and Theresa Hogan
Matt Venhaus B1 and Lisa Venhaus
Matthew Fly A2 and Anna Abduganieva
Matthew Quinn G1 and Holly Quinn
Mica Imamura C2 and Shulin Sun (Imamura)
Michael Armstrong H1 and Marie Armstrong
Michael Blatz B1 and Susi Blatz
Michael Dunn D2 and Beverly Dunn
Michael Ferrone F1 and Kim Simmons
Michael Francesconi A2 and Patricia Francesconi
Michael Griffith C3 and Kary Griffith
Michael Kiene F4
Michael Lacey G3 and Michelle Ryan
Michael Maus H4 and Renae Maus, CDT Nicole Maus
Michael McCrea B2 and Lisa McCrea
Michael Pratt I3 and Erica Zeplin-Pratt
Michael Serwacki D2
Michael Shearin C1 and Patty Shearin
Michael Stewart B3 and Lucy Stewart
Michael Turner C1 and Olivia Turner
Mike Allibone G1 and Lynda Allibone
Mike Duckworth E2 and Beth Duckworth
Mike French A1 and Theresa French
Mike Jones G1 and Tamara Jones, Pete Jones, Cole Jones
Mike Lyman A3 and Michelle Lyman, Meghan Lyman
Mike Mathes A3 and Hayley Matson-Mathes
Mike Maus B3
Mike Mitchell B2 and Karen Mitchell
Mike Tarsa E4 and Linda Tarsa
Norman Freund A2
Pat Mathes A4
Pat Pollard I1 and Kris Pollard
Patti (Raugh) Krier F4 and Brian Krier, Rachel Krier, Max Krier
Paul Cioni H4 and Beth Ann Cioni
Paul Murphy F2 and Jane Murphy, Emily Murphy
Paul Reist E3 and Julie Reist
Paul Rollins I1 and Petra Rollins
Paul Washington E2 and Guest of Paul Washington
Pete Sload C4 and Terri Sload
Polyxeni (Tsigounis) Combs E2
Preston L. Forchion B2 and Maribel Forchion, Gabriella Forchion, Preston Forchion III
Rafael Botello E1 and Carol Botello
Ralph Thompson I3 and Patti Thompson, Ashton Thompson, Payton Thompson
Randall Nelson E2 and Brenda Nelson
Randy Bachman C3 and Ebonee Bachman, Savannah Bachman, Farrah Stringer
Raymon Jimenez B2 and Amy Jimenez, Hannah Jimenez, Jacob Jimenez, Jonah Jimenez
Reggie Fullwood G1 and Kathi Fullwood
Regina (Weinpahl) McCluskey C2 and Garry McCluskey
Rich Fredricksen E3 and Dianne Fredricksen
Rich Muschek F2 and Marie Muschek
Rich Turner D2 and Deb Turner
Rich Young G3 and Melinda Young
Richard Horsley A3 and Shanda Horsley
Richard Perrelli F3 and Elizabeth Perrelli
Rick Meyer H4 and Selma Triant
RJ Sollohub A3 and Sheryl Sollohub
Rob Cairns D3 and Celeste Cairns
Rob Dickerson B3 and Shelley Dickerson
Rob DiVincenzo E1 and Patti DiVincenzo, Tony Capobianco, Meaghan Capobianco
Rob Johnston I4 and Jay Johnston
Rob O'Connor A1
Robert Estes C1 and Suzanne Estes
Robert Fancher E4
Robert Hulett G4
Robert Jones H4 and Melissa Jones
Robert "Bob" Mayfield F2 and Kathleen Mayfield
Robert "Bob" Underwood F2 and Gina Underwood, Madison Lambert
Rod Roederer D3 and Julie Roederer
Roddy Rodriguez H1 and Jenny Rodriguez, Rebekah Rodriguez, Victoria Rodriguez
Ron Haddock I4 and Layla Haddock
Ron Knipping E1
Ron Steptoe E4
Ronald Davies D3
Ronald Lewis F2
Ronald Shultis B3 and Debbie Shultis
Ross Brown I1 and Jill Brown
Ross Snare H3 and Dana Snare
Rudy Esteves H2 and Laurie Esteves
Rush Yelverton C1 and Sandy Yelverton
Sam Barry A4
Sam Homsy F2 and Liz Homsy
Sam Houston D4 and Jennifer Stamper
Sammie McGriff II D1 and Mary McGriff
Sana (Francis) Mason I3 and Katherine Mason USMMA '18, Michelle Perri USMMA '18
Scott Andrews B4 and Elli Andrews
Scott Canonico C3 and Tricia Canonico
Scott Rainey I3
Sean Long A4 and Annette Long, Gabriela Long
Shaun Wurzbach B1 and Vicky Wurzbach
Shawn Buck C1 and Diana Buck
Shelly (Dye) Matautia E4
Stan Olenginski B3 and Barb Olenginski
Stephanie (Santanello) Cook E4 and David Cook, D.J. Cook
Stephen Shea C1 and Christine Shea
Stephen (Jamie) Gayton G3 and Elizabeth Gayton
Steve Cass G3 and Flavia Cass
Steve Lasse B3 and Mary Lasse
Steve Pedersen I2 and Ann Pedersen
Steve Wingard E1
Steven Heidecker C1 and Kathleen Heidecker
Steven Smith A2 and Soraya Smith, Gabriella Smith, Aaron Smith
Tamara (Czekala) Davies H1 and Ronald Davies D3 1987, Regan Davies
Tara (Miller) Feir A4 and Tom Feir 85' F4
Ted Frederick I1 and Monica Frederick
Ted McAleer A3 and Kelly Slone
Theodore Young C1 and Lillian Young
Thomas Albanese E1 and Tom Albanese, Marianne Albanese
Thomas Roth E3 and Michelle (Morin) Roth
Tim Fath C1 and Amy Fath
Tim Fitzgerald E1 and Hui Sim
Tim Kielpinski H2 and Melissa Kielpinski
Tim McGuire G4 and Suzie McGuire
Tim Whalen I1
Tina Kracke H2
TJ Moffatt H3 and Anne Moffatt
Todd Cyril G1 and Laila Cyril, Ashley Cyril, Jessica Cyril
Todd Friedman C3 and Megan Andrews
Todd Parish F2 and Cindy Parish
Tom Bruen B1 and Sheila Bruen
Tom Cascino G3 and Kathy Cascino
Tom Evans I4 and Robin Evans
Tom Goss B3 and Dawn Dunkerley Goss
Tom Hutchison B1
Tom Lavender B1 and Gina (Klein) Lavender '88 I-3
Tom Meyer H1 and Leanne Meyer, Ben Meyer, Lucas Meyer
Tom O'Donoghue G3 and Kathy O'Donoghue, Jax O'Donoghue
Tom Simard A4 and RoseAnne Doyle
Tom Yanoschik H4 and Javana Yanoschik
Tony Robinette E2
Tracy (Miller) Richardson B2
Triiip Bowen A3 and Janet Bowen, Clare Bowen
Troy Baer H4 and Ann Baer
Troy Garrett D4 and Tami Garrett
Troy Nix A1 and Ann Nix, Daniel Nix, Maria Nix, Laura Nix
Val (Lawracy) Adank E1 and Greg Adank, Joshua Adank
Vernon 'Monty' Tatum G2
Vicki (Vogel) Flack C1
Vicky Lenz D2
Vincent Martinelli G4
Virginia (Scott) Moul C2 and Tim Moul, Pierce Moul, Scott Moul, Santija Moul, Kale Moul, Trace Moul
Wallace Putkowski B4 and Francine Putkowski
Walter Cunningham I4 and Eric Hoffman
Wayne Green D2 and Tara Green (USMA '94), Jason Green, Nolan Green, Reagan Green, Gracelynn Green
Wen Barker C4 and Jinah Barker
Wendy (Anderson) Masson G1
Wil Riggins D1 and Nancy Riggins
Will Weathersby G4 and Denise Weathersby
William Cole I1 and Midge Cole
William Lampley I2 and Nia Lampley, Leighton Lampley, Will Lampley
William Sanders H3 and Elisabet Sanders