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September 27, 2017
Mike Lyman

Reunion Ticket Exchanges

Just wanted everybody to know that the reunion committee is not tracking your exchanges.

For those that have purchased tickets to events on the secondary market to the Thurs reception or Friday lunch, the honor system applies as names on Eventbrite tickets cannot be exchanged.

For the Saturday breakfast and lunch tailgates, wristbands to each event are to be picked up at the first event in which you are attending.  If you have sold/swapped your tickets with someone else, it is your responsibility to get the appropriate wristbands.

September 21, 2017
Donna McAleer

Crossing the LD/LC – Final 30th Reunion Update

Attention All Classmates, Attention All Classmates:

Our 30th class reunion is in 7 and a butt days. The entire reunion committee is excited to see everyone, swap stories, share adventures, roam the Plain and quaff beverages.

This email is intended to provide answers to many of the questions received since the close of registration. While lengthy, it addresses information relevant to anyone attending the reunion.

Please check the reunion website frequently for updates. Some of this information is taken directly from USMA guidance, so if it sounds like it is from an official OPORD, it is.

If your question is not answered, try Googling it.


We can now get an alumni ID badge that will allow you to go straight to the Thayer gate without having to stop at the security office.

You can request a “Grad Pass” in advance of the reunion by completing and submitting an WPAOG’s website. Doing so will enable the post security team to conduct a mandatory background check and have your pass available for pick-up upon your arrival.

To sign up, please follow this link and then read the directions on the page as to which forms require completion. It takes about 2 minutes to complete the form.

If one does not have a grad pass or a DOD identification the following applies:

  • Effective 7 June 2016, all visitors to West Point must have a Department of Defense (DoD) identification card or they must be escorted by someone with a DoD identification card.
  • If you do not have a DoD identification card, report to the Visitor Control Center located outside Thayer Gate in the Visitors Center. Hours of operation are 0600-1800, Monday-Friday.
  • When the Visitor Control Center is closed, visitors will be directed by electronic signs to proceed to the entrance gates.
  • For more information, visit the West Point Garrison webpage
  • All Graduates and their guests must wear their reunion name tag at all times in the Cadet Area.


September 12, 2017
Mike Lyman

Registration is CLOSED!

Registration is now closed and closed for good! We’ve got 401 parties showing up for the reunion. 408 classmates.

We continue to act just like cadets and wait until the last-minute. When we registered is telling.

We had 443 orders across the 401 parties.

We had:

  • 171 orders in August when we were open for 16 days.
  • 272 orders in September when we were supposed to have 8 days but actually had 11
  • 7 completely new orders after the deadline
  • 7 orders adjusting other orders (some were dinner orders after we were able to open that back up after running passed the limit)

As we approached the deadline:

  • 115 the last two days
  • 66 the last day
  • 14 after the last day (7 completely new orders)

On the final day:

  • 43 in the last 12 hours
  • 31 in the last 6 hours
  • 16 in the last 3 hours
  • 3 in the last hour

Nothing like a deadline to get us to come out of the woodwork!

September 8, 2017
Mike Lyman


Attention all procrastinators! Your window for procrastination is running out. You now have less than 12 hours to register for the reunion.

Registration ends at midnight tonight (Friday, 8 September 2017) Eastern Daylight Time!

Not Central Time. Not Mountain Time, Not Pacific Time. Not Alaska Time, Not Hawaii-Aleutian Time. EASTERN DAYLIGHT TIME!

There is no prize for the last person to register! We are not all chipping in a dollar to give to the goat!

So, unless you are on a last-minute, emergency deployment like to hurricane relief efforts and have contacted us about possible late registration your time is almost up. Register or miss out on all the fun!

September 7, 2017
Mike Lyman

Last Day to Register!

This is the last day to register for the reunion! Registration closes at midnight tonight Eastern Daylight Time!

Don’t miss out!