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January 4, 2018
Mike Lyman

Mark Valley Joins the CW’s The Flash

87’s own, Mark Valley, joins The Flash on CW on January 16 as Anton Slater in “The Trial of the Flash”

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November 21, 2017
Mike Lyman

Class VI OIC – Army Navy Tailgate

Greetings Class of 87 Army/Navy Tailgaters!  This is your Class VI OIC, Lisa Steptoe

It is TIME TO GET THE PARTY STARTED! My experience over the past couple of UP YOUR GAME Tailgates is we are a thirsty group. VERY THIRSTY.  With that in mind, we are planning for 100 Mimosas and 100 Bloody Mary’s.

In an effort to ensure we have all the supplies we need, I have set up a SIGNUP GENIUS for everyone to sign up to and volunteer. Everything we need is on the sign up sheet and you can sign up for more than one item, if you so choose.

Please go to

I look forward to ensuring we make it to the game at steady state to have a great time and BEAT NAVY!


Dare to Dream,
Lisa Steptoe

November 17, 2017
Mike Lyman

Army-Navy Poop 2 of 3

Amigas y Amigos,

This is message 2 of 3 for the 2017 Army-Navy Game.  The site to sign up for the tailgate is up and running.  Use the link below:
Thank you Sherpa 2 for your IT skills.
Sherpa 1. (aka Kiko)
November 16, 2017
Mike Lyman

Army-Navy Poop 1 of 3

Amigos y Amigas,

We are obviously behind the power curve this year.  Here’s what we need and what you will see.  You will receive 3 total emails on this topic.  This is email number 1.  The second email will announce the opening of the website and the third will be the closing.  We are finalizing food pricing with the vendor and should have it up and running tomorrow.  We again chose to use the Farm Truck as our food truck.  They have rocked it the last two times in Philly.  Our cadre has gotten smaller because Jeff Hassman moved to Dallas and Tom Lavender will be deployed with USACE to PR.  I’m sure you’ll be hearing from Lisa soon as she again will be handling the World’s Best Bloody Mary bar!  Once the Website is open (tomorrow) it will  remain open until December 2.  Please – sign up ASAP!

Remember…We’ve upped our game. So, Up Your!

Sherpa 1 (aka Kiko Morillo)

November 2, 2017
Mike Lyman

Reunion Chit Chat Retired

The reunion is over and the Reunion Chit Chat forum has been retired. It didn’t get much use despite some people looking for an option other than our Facebook group. It’s being uninstalled so there is no need to maintain a piece of software we really aren’t using.