Class Mailing List Rules

DISTRO1987 (the main list)

The DISTRO1987 mailing list is the class business list. This list is maintained by WPAOG and is a push only list that only a few people can send messages to in order to minimize traffic on it. If you need to send something to that list contact Mike Lyman or Donna McAleer.

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USMA1987 (the discussion list)

The old USMA1987 and USMA1987-FORUM are now one and the same and is a pretty much anything goes debate forum. Rules are few and it’s self moderating. It tends to see less traffic than the main list but since it is open to discussion that can change very quickly. However, before you post consider if your message will be offensive to other members. Remember many members receive the class email at work and many work places have policies about what employees can receive and view. If your message is not appropriate for a work environment, consider reaching the class through our Facebook group.

The old address is retired and messages should be sent to the address.

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