Class Communications

Our communications have changed over the years from a simple list of email addresses some of us maintained on our own computers to today's multiple channels and a website that directly feeds stories to our mailing list, Facebook page and Twitter automatically. They will continue to change as the technology changes.

Today most of our activity and interaction is on Facebook via individual discussions many of us share in to things going on in our dedicated Facebook groups.

Many do not wish to use Facebook so we will continue to push major news out to our mailing lists and you can subscribe to them using the links below. For those who do not wish to join even them you simply check-in on this website from time to time to see what is going on.


Main Class Mailing List

The main class mailing list for class business is the WPAOG distribution list. To make sure you get email on this list update your information with WPAOG using the link above.

Class Discussion List

The old class list at WP-ORG is now our discussion list. You can join it using the link above.

Mailing List Rules

We periodically use special purpose slack channels for special projects.



WPAOG and West-Point.Org maintain many other communications tools and channels for us to interact with one another. See their websites to browse their offerings.