It’s that time of year…

May 30, 2019 Mike Lyman No comments exist

Starting today, you may be hearing a lot of noise about the All-Academy Challenge. While the ultimate goal is to beat the other service academies in alumni participation, there is also a competition amongst the classes. As many of you know, I work at WPAOG. So of course I encourage you to contribute. But I don’t want you to do it because I’m asking. I’d rather you do it for your own reasons. The rules are pretty loose. Every gift, between May 30 and June 3, to any fund you designate, counts. And $5 is all it takes.

Some classes are really pressing full court on this. (Kind of like Kiko, when we’re in a class gift campaign for a reunion.) I promise not to do that to you. No guilt trips. No badgering. Just this simple one-time request. To just think about it.

Our class participation in (ever) giving back is over 70% – double the overall grad participation rate. I think we could be that dark horse coming in quietly and taking the title away from the Class of 1972. (I’m just saying…they’ve won five years in a row and will be completely insufferable if they win again.)

Our Country We Strengthen,

Kim McDermott

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