Reunion General Registration Ticket

August 21, 2017 Mike Lyman No comments exist

Registration has just opened up and registrations are coming in. For the most part people have read the instructions and are getting things right but not all of us.

There is a general registration ticket that is different than the event specific tickets. It is required but it is only one ticket per party rather than one ticket per party member like the event tickets. This ticket covers a few souvenirs in the registration package (no you cannot opt out of them for a lower price) and administrative costs the class faces that are not tied to a specific event.

Purchasing this ticket is not enforced in the system itself because there was no user-friendly way to enforce that in the Eventbrite system. Any way we had of enforcing it automatically would make the rest of the process painful. The enforcement comes when we get the notice of the registration and look over the order.

For the most part people are purchasing this ticket as the instructions say to but some have not. If you do not buy one the first time around we will be contacting you to amend your order and purchase this ticket. There are costs we have to cover and this is how we are doing it.

Please make sure you purchase one general registration ticket when you register and do not make more work for yourself and us by making you come back in and buy it later.

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