Reunion Saturday Lunch Survey

July 21, 2017 Mike Lyman No comments exist

We need your help pretty quickly. Please take a minute to answer two questions in quick survey. We need the answers to finalize tailgate planning and nail down its price so we can open up registration.

On Saturday, our tailgate is planned to pretty much run from breakfast until game time with both breakfast and then lunch type food. We also have an option of eating lunch in the Mess Hall for those who want to do that. The earlier reunion interest survey may not have made it clear that lunch at the tailgate and lunch in the Mess Hall will occur at the same time and we cannot tell how many people plan on eating at one or the other or at both.

So we are asking two quick questions.

Do you plan on eating lunch at:

  • Lunch in the Mess Hall
  • Lunch at the Tailgate
  • Lunch/grazing at both the Mess Hall and Tailgate
  • None of the above

And how many will be in your party.

The survey will close 28 July so please answer quickly. We need enough people to answer to get an idea of how many people we will be losing to the Mess Hall so we can scale the later in the morning food supply at the tailgate.

Take the survey!


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