Reunion Chit Chat

July 16, 2017 Mike Lyman No comments exist

We have set up a web forum/bulletin board for us to talk to each other and coordinate various reunion things. While some of us can do that in the Facebook group, not everybody is on it so this is a more generally accessible option. Use it to arrange roommates if you want to save money on a hotel. Arrange carpools to get on post. Look for babysitters if that’s still necessary for any of us. Coordinated small group get togethers.

The forum has a double layer of security. The first layer is you need a password to get in just to view things. The password is pretty standard for us, the father of the academy’s last name with the first letter capitalized. (If you can’t remember that pull out your Bugle Notes!)

If you want to post or reply to a question you will have to register. Process should be pretty standard for anybody who has been on the web for any length of time.

With luck we’ll be able to use it until the reunion as long as we can keep general network riff raff out and running it doesn’t become too painful. If it takes too much work we’ll find some other option.

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