Your Mission Part II

January 21, 2017 Mike Lyman No comments exist

After a long and sometimes tedious afternoon of figuring out how to get and then incorporate our Facebook group data into my old database, I can now produce a list of people we are not reaching on either our mailing list or Facebook. That list is now posted to the website. Like the list of people we are reaching, it is password protect with the last name of the father of the academy.

I know I have a few holes in the database that I discovered when making sure the list of our deceased classmates was up to date in it. They were people who passed away before we ever got online and the original set of data compiled. It may be they are the only holes but I have not had a chance to work on it. There may be some people added to this list once I get a chance to do that work.

In some cases we may be reaching people via their spouses on the Facebook group. I haven’t taken the time to account for that yet.

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