Football Tickets Update

January 31, 2017 Donna McAleer 2 comments


As a class we are in the process of securing a block of 600 tickets for the Football Game Army v. UTEP on Sat 30 Sept, the weekend of our reunion.

As the block is not yet confirmed, I am not yet providing information on how to purchase tickets in the Class of 1987 reunion block. Once I have received confirmation from both the Army Ticket Office and the AOG, we will provide that information.

Thank you for your patience with this process as nothing seems to be repeatable from previous reunions.

Best and Get Outside,

2 Comments on “Football Tickets Update

  1. As a may want to run an informal poll of how much interest you have as I am guessing 600 will not be large enough. Just saying.. I plan to be there and have 2 for the game… and am willing to bet that most will likely come as a pair..(OK RON and LISA will come as a pair but each only wants one seat..but then again…they may have guests… you never know.) So should we pull an informal count?

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