Reunion Communications Channels

March 12, 2016 Mike Lyman No comments exist

Major channels for reunion communications are now set up.

There is a new class website at that is set up as a WordPress blog which should be simpler for others to use and post information on than the old Joomla based website. That should eliminate me as a bottleneck on getting information out once we get others set up to post to the site.

The website is set to cross-post to a Facebook page at It goes to the page right now because posting to groups from WordPress is not quite as simple to set up as going to a page and I will not have a lot of time to work on that for several weeks at least.

The website also cross posts to the @usma_1987 Twitter account.

And finally posts to the website will automatically be posted to the class mailing list.

Through all of those means we should be able to reach most of the class. Our single largest communication channel is still the mailing list which reaches about 630 of us if everything is working. Since we get a lot of non-fatal bounce messages where some messages do not go through these backup communication channels will be important.

As you can see from the number above, we are missing a lot of classmates. Our Facebook group ( only reaches about 350 of us. That new Twitter account has all of one follower now, me. Expect some new APBs with lists of classmates we are not reaching in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned!

Mike Lyman
Class Web Geek

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